The Best Game Developer Tools on the Unity Asset Store

The Top Unity Asset Store Items by Nolan Clemmons - The Best Paid Unity3D Tools

Unity’s mission has been to democratize game development and put developers in the best position to succeed. One avenue that they used to fulfill that goal is the Unity Asset Store. Here, developers can search for various assets that they can seamlessly integrate into their game projects within the Unity engine. Examples of Unity3D assets include shaders, scripts, graphical tools, 3D models, animations, plug-ins, SDK’s, and much more. This benefits the content creators and service providers as well as the customers that implement the assets; saving valuable development hours.

A few common questions I often see on social media are “Which Unity Asset Should I Purchase?”, or “What are the best tools on the Unity Asset store”. Most of those answers refer to free Unity Assets, which in my opinion don’t need to be recommended, as there’s no risk to obtaining free Unity assets (perhaps with implementing them into live production, or maybe with the time it takes to test them).

Quick tip: If you find an asset that you really like, but can’t currently afford, you should add it to your wishlist. The Unity Asset Store (or the publisher) will occasionally have promotional discounts – sometimes multiple assets will go on sale at the same time, so check back frequently to find deals!

The answer to the question of which paid unity assets you should purchase depends entirely on your needs. A developer well-versed in programming but lacking in artistic or design ability may be interested in 3D models and other art assets. At the same time, a more creative developer may need some pre-built scripts to compensate for their lack of programming expertise. In no particular orders, here are some of the top ten game development software tools that I found on the Unity Asset Store:

The Best Paid Tools in the Unity Asset Store

Best HTTP (Pro Edition) by Tivadar György Nagy

Best HTTP (Pro Edition) is a network plugin for Unity3D. It supports REST, WebSocket, Socket.IO, and SignalR request customization (others as well). This would be ideal for games that involve online multiplayer gameplay as a core design component.

ProCore Bundle by ProCore

ProCore Bundle is a suite of level design apps for Unity. It is intended to allow developers to complete tasks that would normally have to be done within separate programs, such as Maya or Max. This change in the process of making a game reflects upon a wave within software development as a whole: rapid prototyping. As many Indie developer teams consist only of a handful of people, it is essential that they quickly iterate on new game level builds.

NGUI: Next-Gen UI by Tasharen Entertainment

NGUI: Next-Gen UI is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) plugin on the Unity Asset Store. Outside of the actual gameplay mechanics, well-design GUI’s are key to a making a game playable. Players could be switching weapons, adjusting controls or music volume, pausing the game, or a plethora of other possibilities, but they must be able to navigate options seamlessly. NGUI has drag & drop controls already made so that developers don’t need to invest time in making a UI from scratch.

UFPS : Ultimate FPS by Opsive

UFPS : Ultimate FPS is a Unity project template for First-Person Shooters (FPS). FPS games have been around since the earliest days of PC Gaming. This templates allow game creators to get started without having to reinvent the wheel.

Text Mesh Pro by Stephan Bouchard

(Update: 7/22/2017 – There is now a free version of this plugin available on the Unity Asset Store.)

Text Mesh Pro is a tool that helps Unity developers create customized text inside their games.

Master Audio: AAA Sound by Dark Tonic Inc.

Master Audio: AAA Sound is Unity’s premier audio solution. A game’s sound & music can be one of its best qualities.

TerrainComposer 2 by Nathaniel Doldersum

TerrainComposer 2 is a node based terrain generator for Unity. It makes it easy for developers to create visually stunning game environments.

Photon PUN+ by Exit Games

Photon PUN+ is a networking plugin for Unity Games. It includes cloud game hosting for up to 100 concurrent players, which could be quite useful for beta testing new games.

Shader Forge by Joachim Holmér

Shader Forge is a Unity asset that helps game developers create and adjust shaders. Shaders are how games adjust lighting, darkness, and various visual special effects.

Editor Console Pro by FlyingWorm

Editor Console Pro is a Unity editor extension. While Unity already has an editor console included, this asset provides additional functionality in order to enhance productivity.

A* Pathfinding Project Pro by Aron Granberg

A* Pathfinding Project Pro is scripting/AI Unity Asset. It is used to help program the pathfinding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in games. This would be to instruct enemies how to move in the game.


Essential Unity Assets for Virtual Reality Development


Final IK by RootMotion

Final IK can save you time with their advanced character animation systems for Unity Games.


VR Panorama by OliVR

VR Panorama 360 allows you to render 4K videos and 360-degree panoramas in Unity.

Curved UI by Chisely

Curved UI is useful for creating a UI in VR. You can have normal menus in VR like you can in flat-screen games. The reason is that players are looking at things with two lenses, so the menus must be displayed in space.

Game Art & Design Assets for Unity


Octave3D by Ocatmodius

Octave3D helps Unity developers build levels with prefabs.

UBER Standard Shader Ultra by Tomasz Stobierski

UBER Standard Shader Ultra allows game developers to add AAA shaders to their scenes.

2D Unity Game Assets

Corgi Engine by More Mountains

Corgi Engine is a solution for creating 2D & 2.5D platformer games in Unity. Adding 2D game support to Unity was a frequent request for years. While the native editor has improved, this is almost a new game engine within an engine. There’s also a Corgi Mega Bundle containing handcrafted 2D art.

Lava Cave Corgi Engine - a 2D game engine for Unity game development

DoozyUI by Doozy Entertainment

DoozyUI is another UI tool for Unity.

DOTween Pro by Demigiant

DOTween Pro is a tool to help with game animations and transitions.

Mesh Baker by Ian Deane

Mesh Baker allows you to combine meshes, which could improve the memory/graphical performance of Unity games.

Fingers Touch Gestures by Digital Ruby (Jeff Johnson)

Fingers Touch Gestures is useful for mobile games that require special touch controls.


Environment / Terrain Assets for Unity

Fantasy Environment by BRAiNBOX

Fantasy Environment is a collection of various game props and materials to give a mythical vibe for games made in Unity.


Low Poly Unity Assets

POLYGON – Pirates Pack by Synty Studios

POLYGON – Pirates Pack is a set of low poly graphical assets fit for pirate games.





After reading some reviews of these assets, I noticed that some customers have asked: ‘Why isn’t this included natively in Unity’. This highlights one of the great reason why Unity Assets are great for the indie game development ecosystem. Unity Asset Store publishers can fill gaps left by missing features and capabilities in the engine itself. Solo developers or small teams can save valuable time by purchasing these ready-to-use assets, and asset creators get a share of each sale for their efforts. Symbiotic relationships like these are key towards developing a beneficial ecosystem.


Did I miss any? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll check it out. Thanks for reading!


  1. jon

    terrain composer, gaia, map magic, and world creator… all of them are awesome. I think i will get Map Magic cause it can procedurally generate terrain at runtime, and i think it supports biomes.

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