How to Use Twitter Cards to Drive Mobile App & Game Installs

Perhaps one of the coolest growth hacks that I’ve discovered is the ability to create a card in Twitter Ads, and use it for free (to reach your followers).

Lead Generations: Users could click a “Subscribe” button to share their email with the advertiser (without having to type it in).

Website: Creates a clickable images along with a headline

App: Creates an “Install” button to link mobile users to the respective App Stores (Android/iOS)

NOTE: Twitter ended the “lead generation” option for Twitter cards in January 2017. The reason being is that the email that users used to register their account was at times a throwaway email, and thus resulted in low email open rates.

1. Go to Twitter Ads
2. Add a Payment method
3. Go to “Cards” under the ‘Creatives’ Tab
4. Create a Card (lead generation, website, mobile app, etc.)

Twitter Cards for free - Leverage creative assets in Twitter Ads to reach just your organic audience.
5. Copy the card’s URL (circled in red above)
6. Paste URL into Tweet (don’t include other URL’s or images in the tweet, though).

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