Order a Power Hour

Power Hours are an essential part of how I onboard new clients. They allow me to:

  • Audit & Review existing assets to determine what needs to be changed, fixed, or improved.
  • Evaluate your marketing funnels and ad campaigns in order to optimize for efficiency and best results
  • Give suggestions on your campaign goals, marketing content, and ad targeting


Modern marketing programs can seem quite complicated. With many moving parts and the constant influx of new tools & technologies, stakeholders often struggle to keep pace; particularly when their primary focus lies within other business elements.


A Power Hour with Nolan Clemmons can help you progress in the right direction. He can guide you through crafting a sound strategy and identify broken aspects of your marketing efforts.


Before we start, you will need to define your goals, content and targeting:

  • Goals: What results are you looking to achieve?
  • Content: Do you already have a content library to leverage, or how will the content be produced and/or procured?
  • Targeting: Who is your ideal customer audience? What are some qualifying criteria?


For $99, you can utilize Nolan’s growth experience and expertise to save yourself precious time and correct costly mistakes.