B2B Lead Generation

Nolan Clemmons Close CRM Expert

Demand Generation Consulting

One key task of a B2B lead generation strategy is finding qualified leads by using sales prospecting tools.

Account-Based Marketing

Much of this mindset is derived from the book Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, where he outlines how he led efforts to grow Salesforce using a similar processes and techniques. The framework and methodology has since been adopted as a core component of leading technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Our ABM Process:

  1. Grow awareness of the people within the account

    The first step is to map out key leadership roles on the respective buying committee and find their social profiles and email addresses.  Visit their profiles, and possibly send them connection requests (from either representatives or account executives).

    Put their email addresses into a custom audience on respective ad platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) – If there’s a minimum amount, then find more contacts closely related to those roles within the account, or expand the targeting to other accounts for role-based messaging.

  2. Create ongoing engagement with the people with the target account.

  3. Nurture the people to a buying opportunity.

    Depending on what triggered the engagement, outreach should be initiated. 
    Case Specific Email Cadences (with triggers for opening or replying the email)
    Connection Request & 1 LinkedIn message
    Continuous Retargeting
    Specific Ad Campaigns based on which story is most relevant

  4. Support sales throughout the buying opportunity.

    Messaging by stage (Awareness, Consideration, Decision, Purchase)
    D & P Messaging that’s relevant for each area (transportation management, transportation procurement, transportation finance, or supply chain leadership

    As far as regions are concerned, they should receive different messaging as far as countering objections is concerned.

    In depth content: articles, videos, ebooks/whitepapers.

  5. Help establish a stronger connection to your company once the account becomes a client. 

    Adoption – Making sure they are using the product (frequency)
     and are aware of the capabilities, (Playbook)
     and other success stories.

    Establish KPI’s (1 or 2 goals) and Customer Success procedures

Sales Enablement

We offer the implementation of various sales & marketing technologies & tools for the purposes of creating an automated outbound sales funnel. The effectiveness of automated cold email outreach is increased when personalized at scale:

  • Sales Development – B2B Products & Services, particularly SaaS businesses.
  • PR – Earning Press & Media Attention
  • SEO / Content Marketing – Link Building

Outbound Prospecting

We can either implement or teach clients how to leverage outbound email to effortlessly generate new appointments through a combination of tools and processes. Using automated cold email as a source of lead generation can prove to be quite cost-effective, especially when compared to the rising cost of social media advertising.