B2B Lead Generation

Nolan Clemmons Close CRM Expert

Demand Generation Consulting

One key task of a B2B lead generation strategy is finding qualified leads by using sales prospecting tools.

Account-Based Marketing

Much of this mindset is derived from the book Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross, where he outlines how he led efforts to grow Salesforce using a similar processes and techniques. The framework and methodology has since been adopted as a core component of leading technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Sales Enablement

We offer the implementation of various sales & marketing technologies & tools for the purposes of creating an automated outbound sales funnel. The effectiveness of automated cold email outreach is increased when personalized at scale:

  • Sales Development – B2B Products & Services, particularly SaaS businesses.
  • PR – Earning Press & Media Attention
  • SEO / Content Marketing – Link Building

Outbound Prospecting

We can either implement or teach clients how to leverage outbound email to effortlessly generate new appointments through a combination of tools and processes. Using automated cold email as a source of lead generation can prove to be quite cost-effective, especially when compared to the rising cost of social media advertising.