Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

  • Goals
    • Identify key success metrics
    • Determine ideal Cost per Acquisition (CPA) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
    • Determine advertising budget relative to campaign goals (optimizing for leads, form submissions, web chats, etc.)
  • Content
  • Targeting
    • Custom Audiences (warm-up campaign)
    • Direct interests related to STC, competitors, common interests of customers, industries, etc.

Types of Social Media Campaigns:

  • Awareness
    •  Video Ads (3-minute & 1-minute)
    •  Custom Audiences (Warm-up Campaigns)
  • Engagement
    • Website Visitor & Video Retargeting
    • Lead Magnets 
  • Conversion
    • Scheduling Appointments
    • Chat Bot Interactions
    • Form Submissions

Social Media Advertising Platforms:

Each platform offers a variety of earned and paid media channels.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Advertising allows small and big business alike to reach their audience on Facebook. Facebook ad campaigns can be started for a little as $1/day.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has quickly become a useful channel for individuals to spread their content since the acquisition by Microsoft. In particular, LinkedIn Video has proved to be an effective channel to organically promote video content.

  • Twitter remains to be one of the best sources for free clicks on the internet, closely following Reddit. Most of Twitter can be automated, and your reach will depend on how engaged your target audience/niche is engaged on Twitter.
  • Instagram is one of the most explosive social media platforms, with high user engagement (depending on your niche). Since the great purge of bots, automation is no longer an option, and you can only post from a mobile device (with few exceptions). With Instagram, you can utilize some organic tactics similar to Twitter, like using hashtags and the follow/unfollow method. You can also leverage paid methods, either by working directly with influencers (existing accounts with high follower engagement) or through Facebook ads. Similar to Facebook native videos, IG videos are also retargetable..
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine, behind Google (whose parent company, Alphabet, owns YouTube).