10 Responses to “The Sales Stack 2018: B2B Lead Generation & Cold Email Marketing Tools

  • Thanks for the Mailshake recommendation. We we’re looking for just something like that to handle leads when we send out outbound sales emails! 🙂

  • Looking for a “Stack” like the enterprise version you shared.

    I don’t see anything that can take the place of Pro Leads and Don’t have a way of funding 10k upfront to buy Pro Leads.

    Anyone have anything?

    • Hi Will,

      As with many tools, there is usually a manual process to accomplish the tool’s intended purpose. In this case, you could hire virtual assistants to help you with that particular section, along with the rest of the stack.

  • Amit Mishra
    4 months ago

    Great article!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    There is an exciting new tool intellymail.com that eliminates the need of manually sending bulk emails through an automated process thereby saving you time and money. The tool is endowed with many exciting features – personalizing your messages being one of them. It is greatly beneficial to anyone seeking quick email marketing service!!

  • Aaron Moss
    2 months ago

    Good list, now with A.I. emerging you can add start adding companies like SalesRep.ai that helps speed up the process for sales reps as well as puts there follow-up process on personalized autopilot.

  • FantasTic list of tools how does AI play into your sales stack with tools like Voltaire.ai and others?

  • Hey Nolan, quite a comprehensive list. I would love for you to check out Paperflite, a sales enablement tool that I think would be a good addition to the categories you’ve mentioned. Paperflite helps team organise and distribute marketing collaterals, and tracking its engagement with prospects to guide sales reps on the next best follow up actions to take.

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