Game Programming Resources, Tutorials, & Guides for Developers

Game Programming Resources, Tutorials, Tips, and Guides for Unity Game Developers and Unreal game engine

Game Programming Resources

Game Programming Resources, Tutorials, Tips, and Guides for Unity Game Developers and Unreal game engine

Rodrigo Monteiro, who has been making games for twenty years now, started a thread on Twitter for sharing his favorite game programming resources. I then collected those and a few responses and indexed them into a Twitter moment here:

You can find the game development resources below; I’ve since categorized them into game tutorial YouTube Channels, programming blogs, and books.

Game Development Blogs & Articles:

Game Networking:

Geometry – Separating Axis Theorem (for collision detection):

How to implement 2D platformer games:


OpenGL Tutorial:

Audio Programming:

OpenAL Effects Extension Guide (for game audio):

Entity Component Systems game development programming scripting chart
Entity Component Systems provide an alternative to object-oriented programming.

Entity Systems are the future of MMOG development:

What is an entity system framework for game development?

Understanding Component-Entity-Systems:

Alan Zucconi blogs about shaders and game math for developers on his site:

AI Steering Behaviours:

Bartosz Olszewski blogs about game programming here:

How to write a shader to scale pixel art:

Here’s a podcast on C++ programming

Data Oriented Design Resources:

Handmade Hero: & Handmade Network:

Game Development YouTube Channels

There are quite a few YouTube channels that cover game programming tutorials and other game development topics.

Infallible Code by Charles Amat

This YouTube channel contains useful programming tutorials for Unity. Charles also has a podcast here:

Here’s a series on Test-Driven Development in Unity:

GameDevJon (a.k.a IndieSharp) by Jon Weinberger

IndieSharp offers interactive game development tutorials. Here’s a series on Unity C# programming fundamentals:

Linear Algebra:

Unite Austin 2017 – Writing High Performance C# Scripts:

Data-Oriented Design and C++

Quill18Creates by Martin Glaude

Quill18 creates a lot of Let’s Play Twitch streams and videos for strategy and role-playing games like Civilization VI, and on this channel he produces Unity programming tutorials. Check this guide on how to create an online multiplayer first-person shooter game in Unity3D:

Brackeys by Asbjørn Thirslund

With close to 500,000 subscribers as of writing this, Brackeys has become the premiere YouTube Channel for Game Dev Tutorials. Watch his playlist, “How to make a Video Game”, here:

SpeedTutor (

As the name suggests, SpeedTutor has quick and snappy game development related tutorials. It covers topics ranging from Unity, Programming, C#, JavaScript, Game Design, Photoshop, 3D Modelling, Substance painter and much more!


View one of Jesse’s Unity Mobile Game Development C# YouTube Game Development playlists:


This channels demonstrates Game Maker Studio. You can read more on his website.

Sebastian Lague

Sebastian’s channel covers the Unity game engine, the C# programming language, and the 3D modeling software Blender.

Jimmy Vegas

How To Make A Driving Racing Game In Unity:

More Game Development Books:

Development and Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games by IT Hare / No Bugs’ Hare is a multiplayer game programming resource split into nine volumes; the first of which is available here on Amazon.

Game Development Book Deployment Multiplayer Online Games Networking

Game Programming Patterns (Free version online here:

Real-Time Rendering, Third Edition

Game Engine Architecture, Second Edition by Jason Gregory

Real-Time Collision Detection by Christer Ericson

Game Programming Gems 8 by Adam Lake

Programming Game AI by Example

GPU Gems 3 by Hubert Nguyen