(Unofficial) GDC 2019 Party List: Networking Events, Mixers, & Parties

GDC 2019 Parties & Events List

GDC 2019 Parties & Events List

GDC 2019 Parties

Note: You can find the GDC Parties 2020 List here.

GDC 2019

The 2019 Game Developers Conference runs through March 18-22 in San Francisco, California.

VRDC is on Monday and Tuesday (March 18-19) and the Independent Games Festival is March 20-22 (the 18th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards ceremony starts at 6:30 PM PST on Wednesday, March 20).

Other Game Events

If you are unable to attend this year’s event, there are some other game industry events that you could attend.

Power-Up Digital Games Conference II: The Devs Strike Back hosted by Jesse Collins of Zettabyte Marketing

One of which is the Power-Up Digital Games Conference, which is a virtual conference taking place mostly on their Discord server and organized by Jesse Collins. I have presented at it a few times now, and the next one will be sometime in the summer. You can join their Discord Server here.

Unity Keynote & Sessions

The Unity Keynote is Monday, March 18, at 5:00 pm PST. Both the SF watch party and actual keynote appear to be waitlist only, however, anyone could watch the livestream. You can see Unity’s full schedule of events and sessions at GDC 2019 here.

Here are some cool Unity Asset Store Tools:


The spreadsheet was created by and is run by Talia Shmuel this year.

Here’s the link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MNOUKU0Z7fEp1IDqkTp8e7bAhkFr_L7Pl9clkvy51fw

Map View

Here’s the Party Location Map Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13wCssL6bkzNI4A7Iv9kNsU3C050kxjrM&usp=sharing

If you would like your party or event to be added to the above list, then you could fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScTkqPiVrsrSMmCaztGgVQD4vr2zgnSRfu6B8cBi7URbumzXA/viewform

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