How to Create a Twitter Moment

A few months ago, Twitter opened up their ‘Moments’ platform, allowing users to create a Moment of their own. This is part of Twitter’s renewed focus on “what’s happening now”, a collection of news stories based on current events in real time. There are other uses for a twitter moment card, however.

To create a moment in Twitter, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Moments” tab on Twitter’s Web Interface.
  2. Click on the the “Create a new Moment” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Write a Title that is 70 characters or less.
  4. Write a Description Paragraph that is 250 characters or less.
  5. Set a cover image or video. You can upload one of your own, or select it from one of the tweets included in the moment. You’ll need to crop a square preview for Desktop and a portrait preview for mobile.
  6. Attach Tweets to your Moment. This what moments essentially are: a collection of tweets pertaining to a recent event or subject. You can crop the images attached to included tweets for mobile as well.
  7. Save the “Moment” URL for later use (similar to Twitter Cards)

Here’s what content you’ll need to have prepared:

  1. Title
  2. Description (paragraph)
  3. Cover Image
  4. List of tweets (you can search within the interface)


Conclusion: Like Snapchat, Twitter is best at showcasing what is going on NOW. Social Media Managers can use the new Twitter Moments feature to curate related tweets around a topic or event. Similar to Twitter Cards, the moment URL gives an embedded preview within the Twitter feed. This can be useful for daily or weekly events, or perhaps an anthology themed around a topic.

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